Living in eventually consistent reality

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Conflict-free Replicated Data Types have come their long way from academia to the enterprise. Currently, they are used in many different systems, such as Amazon DynamoDB, Microsoft Azure CosmosDB, Riak, and (lately) Redis. CRDTs have been chosen for a simple reason: never before we've got means to solve problems of high-scale distributed applications so easily and reliably as now with their help. We will see what common problems of distributed applications do they solve and what how do they achieve this goal with clarity and elegance.

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Бартош Сипитковский, один из разработчиков библиотеки Akka.NET, расскажет о широком спектре задач, возникающих перед разработчиками распределенных систем. Как обеспечить репликацию данных без всеобщего консенсуса? Ответ на этот вопрос дает технология CRDT (Conflict-Free Replicated Data Types).

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