Building intelligent .NET apps with Azure cognitive services

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Need to write an app that identifies defective parts coming off a manufacturing line? An app that translates photos of road signs to other languages? A Web site that automatically deletes inappropriate photos uploaded to it? An app that alerts the marketing department if tweets referencing your company suddenly turn negative? Or an app that uses facial recognition to admit people into buildings or quantify the emotion on the faces of a group of people in a photo or a video frame? AI enables all of these scenarios and more, but the models used to make it happen are too sophisticated (and too compute-intensive) for the average software developer to train on their own. Fear not, because Azure Cognitive Services provides the intelligence you need to do all of this and more. Learn how to use them to build .NET apps that leverage the latest advances in AI. And go home with lots of sample code that you can use as a starting point for apps of your own.

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